Introducing Genevieve Katherine.


She was born on Friday July 29th, at 7:59 a.m., and is 6 pounds 4 ounces of sheer determination to remain in someone’s arms 24/7.

Payne first saw her when she was still a little gooey because she hadn’t gone to the nursery for a bath yet. Therefore, the first words he ever said to his baby sister were “She a mess!”. Heh.


"Why thank you!"

“I have always wanted my very own seat in the car. I’m loving how much easier it is to look out the window! The damask cover really is a nice touch too. I knew you really cared about me, I just knew it. I just had to wait seven years for you to give me such a nice token of appreciatio….”

“Wait. What? This isn’t for me? Oh God, you made another one? And it’s going to ride in here? And I’m only in the car because you’re taking me to a dogsitter while you go get the new one? Is it going to “pet” me like the other one does? You’re going to get it tomorrow?!

“Screw this. Put down the window. I’ll just tuck, roll, and take my chances in the wild.”

Creative fashion.

The other day Payne woke up and summoned me as usual. When I opened the door to his room I was greeted with “My put on my pants!”. I guess his clothes from the day before were left out, and I guess he’s pretty determined, since he managed to get the neck of a t-shirt over his butt (snort).

The beach.

I was determined to get to the beach this summer. Payne hadn’t been to a beach since he was 8 months old, and he HATED it at the time. Once he figured out the sand wasn’t edible he was all “eff this” and spent the rest of our week long Florida vacation chillin’ in the condo.

I really wanted to give it another go before we had Nugget, and some of our friends graciously agreed to make the short trip to Galveston with us today. For once we actually took a ton of photos!

Gotta love the ensemble. I think the hot pink flip flops are truly inspired. The adventurous pose is because I went to the beach exactly 5 days before giving birth. Oh yes I did.

I had to record the lovely memory of my entire family owning the same pair of flip flops in various colors.

Mr. J.P. enjoying the sand. He is a beach PRO and sobbed when we left.

Payne not crying! Hurrah! Things are already looking up from his last trip.

Thank God for husbands. Jason, Dan, and Preston spent a ton of time watching the kids so the womenfolk could complete a conversation in the shade.

This photo says “My hat is from Wal-Mart and set me back five bucks”.

Payne fell in love with the sand. He dug and made puddles and buried seaweed to his little heart’s content.

My adorable hubs.

More of the women lounging while the men, like, parented and stuff.

Ah, nothing like an ice cold….water.

Preston, Jenny, and baby Madison brought Aggie beach gear. I was jealous.

Quite literally the only picture we got all day where he was facing the camera. He was too busy for paparazzi.

Yeah. That hat is mine. My kid’s noggin is so huge he can wear adult women’s hats.

Aimee getting Connor to nap. I was seriously impressed!

Enjoying watching my boy have a blast.

No blog post is complete without a photo taken at arm’s length.

T-minus 5 days until we say goodbye to the belly!

38 weeks pregnant. Whoa.

I asked Dan to take a few snapshots of me tonight, moon face and all, because I know I’ll probably be happy to have them in a few years. Plus, Nugget can look at them when she’s 15 and go “Wow Mom, you were HUGE!” just like I did to my own Mother. Heh heh.

I’m going to have this baby one week from today. Like, this time next Friday I’ll have a 10 hour old baby girl. Ho-lee Crap. I think the second kid is a little more mind blowing, because you actually have a true grasp on what it is that you’re doing. I am so fascinated by and in love with my son (obviously, considering I have a whole blog about him), and he is such an individual. I mean, how cool is it that we can make new people? We just decide to make an individual from scratch. I don’t care how often it happens; it’s a miracle every time.

The may-ow.

Tonight I snuck out the door and relished the two minute walk to the mailbox by myself, as taking Payne to the mailbox becomes a 20 minute ordeal.

He watches Dan or I when we go outside by standing on the office window seat and peering through the blinds. I’m sure this looks a leeeetle eerie from the an outsider’s point of view. Heh.

Well, when I got back Payne ran to greet me at the door and queried “Mommeee! You got dah may-ow, wit dah bihws?”

Dan and I looked at each other and burst into laughter. He freaking knows that bills come in the mail?!

I said “Yes! I got the bills in the mail.” to which our little household pattern sponge replied “Yay! You got dah bihws!”

If only I could be so enthusiastic about owing people money…