Zoo Boo

Today was cool and cloudy, and I decided this was perfect “suffer in order to avoid the crowds” weather, so off we trekked to the zoo in our Halloween regalia.

“I can’t hear you. Speak up. Who’s a wino? I don’t want to turn around. Ugh, fine. OH MY GOD!”

I cannot stop laughing at this picture.

“My costume is stupid. Am I a skeleton? Am I a puppy? What is a skeleton? What is a Puppy? I’m hungry.”

“Greetings bretheren!”

“Guys. Not breathing over here…”

“Oh sure Sinister Chimp, you scared the pee out of me last time, but how do you like me NAH!”

“My hat is too small…Idiots.”

(retracts claws) “I was just, um, giving him a hug. Yes.”

And then Dan met us there for the rest of the morning and snagged a photo that requires not one sarcastic caption in order to be cute:

Ta da! Happy early Halloween!



Today we were at a playground and a little boy, who happened to speak Spanish, befriended Payne. They were both in a bit of a wild (read “feral”) mood, so at one point I had to go remind Payne to be gentle. After my speech Payne pointed to his new friend and introduced me by saying “Dis Ohwa. Dis my Ohwa.”

Get it? Replace the “W” sounds with “L” sounds. Heh heh. I guess the other little boy was the first to say hello.

In other news, we’re starting to lose the Beaker fluff. I suppose its good that Genevieve won’t be bravely taking a straight iron to it at sixteen, but it still makes me a little sad to lose it. Right now she has an under layer of flat hair and a long over layer of the puffy hair, so when I brush it the short stuff helps to hold down the fluff. It definitely looks more tame, but at present it may or may not resemble a comb-over.

G’s new look:

I guess she approves.

Unassociated amusing photos.

I have little energy for witty text tonight, but I’ve got some pictures at least!

All dressed up for church on Saturday night:

She’s all “Oh yeah…I rock this jumper hard!”

Payne’s nose thing was pretty unattractive there for awhile. My Mother’s “solution” to him looking odd (appearing to be afflicted with leperosy) was putting a band aid across his entire nose:

Oh yes. Much better! Now he looks like the world’s youngest recipient of rhinoplasty.


“What exactly are you trying to say about horizontal stripes? Oh no you didn’t! I am not a “wide” girl. My butt is ALL diaper.”

Piggy Regresses.

I feel like Piggy was once regarded as a type of peer, but since Little Sister came to be, it seems that Payne has morphed him into a baby. And really, I should be typing Piggi now, since Payne has reassigned “his” gender to female.
Piggi gets wiped and diapered, shoved under Payne’s shirt to “drink miowk” (yeeeaaah…), and burped. She spends time in the car and bouncy seats, gets her nose wiped. She’s very sufficiently cared for swine.
Last night Payne decided she needed “a sirt”, so off we went to Genevieve’s closet.

I couldn’t resist.

Payne very astutely pointed out “Kiggy wearing a kiggy sirt!”. Hee.


Tonight Payne came into Genevieve’s room, closed the door and whispered “Ssss! Dere’s a whoa-bot!”. So we whispered for awhile about the robot. It was first a baby robot, and then a tiger robot.

Then, we went to the office to whisper to Daddy about the robot, which had suddenly taken up residence in the tree in the front yard. So my dear sweet husband took Payne outside to shake the “whoa-bot out da twee”, and the world was safe once again.

These little people are amazing. I love them.

Genevieve’s Baptism.

We got Baby Girl al Holy’ed up this weekend. Here are some of my favorite pictures.

A side note to family, I’m making prints of the big group shots for everyone.
My Mother in law made Genevieve’s little dress and cap. She looks satisfied, no?

Yeah, she screamed. We’d better keep an eye on this one…

My daughter is really cute, and my husband is REALLY cute. I’m lucky.

My first reaction when I saw this complete family photo was “Yay! I don’t look fat!”. Heh. Then I was all disappointed when I realized Payne was making a goofy face so I can’t blow it up to poster size in glee.

You’ve got to be kidding.

Payne sprouted a nose infection yesterday (right before Genevieve’s baptism. Yay!). The doctor at the Urgent Care center prescribed this “salve”, as he called it.

(Blink. Blink.)


I, um….

(stifles laughter)

There has to be another option here.

(runs to get camera)

There was indeed another option, which his pediatrician prescribed us today. Unfortunately it still looks like he tried to pick his nose with a Sharpie. He was supposed to use this stuff for seven days! Can you imagine the reactions I would have gotten with him in public?

Actually, now that I think about it, I’d kind of like to put it on him again and take him to the mall play area as a sort of anthropological experiment…