Genevieve is six months old.

“You don’t say!”

She is coming right along with her baby skills; sitting up, rolling around, eating baby food, and even mayyyybe starting to sleep through the night. Now that I’ve admitted that she’ll probably find it appropriate to punish me around 3 a.m. tomorrow morning. She has started enjoying playing on her stomach, and will even try to pull her legs up underneath herself in a sort of pre-pre-crawl way. I find this fascinating because Payne never tried to figure out how to crawl.

If it isn’t already obvious, Dan took these photos for me today.

I’m developing a baby hair clip addiction…

She’s a doll.

A doll that farts loudly in church.


Another exercise…

Payne at six months old:

(He wasn’t bald. We buzzed his hair.)

Genevieve at (nearly) six months old:

Survey says:
A) Phone cameras have come a loooong way in three years.
B) Yep, she is bigger than he was.
c) They look almost nothing alike.
D) In recent history, my wardrobe seems to have suffered. Heh.

Ah, parenting…

I’m standing in Genevieve’s room, laying awkwardly over the rail of her crib and patting her back at a precarious angle from behind, so she doesn’t see my face. Knowing I was there would piss her off. I suppose dismembered limbs are plenty soothing, as long as they pat her nicely.

I hear an ominous “click” and look over to Payne’s doorway. I see him peek around the door frame, poke a miniature blue light saber at me, and go “pshoo!”. He is wearing cowboy boots, blue boxer briefs, and a t-shirt.

I finish patting Genevieve, hit the deck, and crawl on my hands and knees across her room (she can’t see me, remember?) in order to go deal with my non napping space age ranch hand.


Is it just me…

or does the hair sort of look like dog ears?

And if the hair looks like ears, don’t they look kind of laid back?

And if a dog’s ears are laid back, it’s angry…

And angry dog eared baby is clearly going in for the kill.

Heh heh heh!

Oh, it was just me?


(kicks at dirt in sulky manner and walks slowly home)


I managed to get Genevieve’s hair in pig tails without ripping it all out.

I think I literally broke a sweat in the process.

They’re both so cute in such completely different ways. Deep thoughts…

Payne wanted in on the action, so I snapped a photo of him and it turned out awesome:

(notice the marked lack of t.v. reflection glow on his face)

which is interesting considering I looked at him directly afterwards and realized he’d stripped completely from the waist down…

Also, we’re starting to get more true personality out of the girlie. She has developed a favorite toy.

It’s not her purse shaped rattle, or her pink hairbrush, or her plush baby doll.

It’s her brother’s dump truck.

Yer damn skippy.

She pulls on the bed until it flops back, then lets go and squeals and flails her chubby arms and laughs as it flops forward again.

Kids are just…exhilarating, at times.

I’m so very lucky.

A fun little exercise.

Payne at around two months old:

Payne at three years and two months old:

The only real similarity is my consistent and blatant disregard for the safety rules associated with the Bumbo seat. Oops.

Just a few photos.

Hell froze over.

Pigs flew.

Christian Bale said something nice.

Payne actually snuggled on the couch with me.

Genevieve has started sitting up in the last couple of days:

She was between a diaper change and her bath, and yes, she peed on the floor. Heh.

I love them: