Genevieve is 8 months old!

I love her little profile:

(That toy is really cool, by the way. The wooden balls are all held in a mass by a cord, but they move around when manipulated. I think I’m more fascinated by it than she is. Heh.)

G is getting to be such a big girl! Her hair is getting longer. Please pause a moment to admire the nearly vertical “Who puff”.

Her face seems to be maturing to me. I think she looks vastly different than she did as a newborn. I can always see Payne in his pictures, even when he was just a few minutes old, but I can’t do the same for Genevieve. Her face has just totally morphed.

(Oh, and OshKosh has the best.leggings.ever. I bought her these in two sizes and they are The Awesome.)

She is a huge talker and wiggle worm lately. A few days ago she woke up from her afternoon nap suddenly babbling tons of consonants “Da da” and “za za” are her favorites. She is rolling and squirming her away around large spaces. I’ve seen her army crawl a bit here and there, but she seems determined to figure out how to crawl on all fours, and spends a lot of time on tip toes with her butt straight up in the air. Ha!

She has started trying to pull up on objects as well:

Girlie is exclusively eating finger foods at meal times. I’m incredibly grateful to leave pureed foods behind, as I personally believe spoon feeding babies should be used as a criminal interrogation method.

I know everyone says it, but I can’t believe how fast her babyhood is flying by. I’m going to blink and she’ll be a year old. (sniffle)



I don’t thematically dress my children for outings.


Doing that would reveal both a certain level of materialism and an odd fixation on things that don’t matter.

Neither of which I possess…


I think it best not to reveal the level of satisfaction it brought me to actually see the giraffes AND the ant eater that morning.

And then,

Godzirra baby strikes again!

Genevieve will soon be starring in a new release made for DVD movie “Thomas hauls some stuff that will save Sodor from the drool monster, somehow messes it up, somehow patches things up, and again avoids the ire of the weirdly sinister Sr. Toppam Hat.”

Thomas the Train is strange, guys.

Genevieve may have the right idea.


The theme of the day ended up being “Two kids are infinitely more difficult to photograph than one”.

Dan, myself, and two of my close friends all schlepped ourselves and our kids to Brenham for a playdate (i.e. workdate) in the bluebonnets. The other husbands were unavailable, so Dan got to be the token male for the day.

A lot of the shoot went like this:

Two out of three ain’t bad, right?

Maryn was our star model of the day.

The rest of the kids just wanted to play in the mounds of dirt next to the field of flowers.

For every 900 shots of boys fighting over trucks we’d get one of these!

Whoever says dressing boys is boring hasn’t stumbled across seersucker vests.

I mean really…

This would be an awesome shot of Brody, except for my whiny kid trying to steal his truck.


I love little herds of boys.


Then we realized she was trying to steal his truck:

Then HE realized she was trying to steal his truck:

Babies are so much easier to photograph than three year olds!

She’s getting so big!

After an hour of chaos and pollen, we went to Chili’s for lunch. The waitress was awesome and patient with our gaggle of three women, six kids, and one man. It wasn’t until she seemed sort of confused about whether or not to ask about seperate checks and Dan made a joke that I realized we looked somewhat convincingly like polygamists. Ha!

Aimee and Mikel, I could totally share a back yard with y’all. In fact, I think my landscaping would improve as a result.

After lunch we went for a tour at the Bluebell Ice Cream factory, which involved more hard work. Aimee very accurately observed “Now I understand why my parents never seemed to be having much fun on family vacations.”. Seriously, showing kids a good time is exhausting! Payne did love watching all of the factory machinery and the “mans” working though.

All in all, I think it was worth it. Maybe. Heh.

So, uh, she likes bananas.

I should have known, considering her history of requiring banana puree to be mixed into any of her vegetable purees.

Here she can be seen eating two thirds of a banana by herself. The remaining third was only spared because it became too slimy to grasp.

Let’s put this into perspective. Her eating two thirds of a banana is like me eating a banana as long as the distance from my elbow to the tips of my fingers. Dude…

After dinner I kept hearing her make excited noises and then start crying directly afterwards. I went to investigate and discovered this:

Payne would get near her with his banana, which would cause (the girl who had just eaten a huge meal of banana) to become intensly excited. She was reaching up to grab it from his hands.
Then Payne would wander away, the banana necessarily following, and Genevieve would express her great dismay.

The word banana was used seven (well, make that eight) times in this post. I know you were wondering.

Payne on vacation….

It was that time of year again. The kids and I made our annual sojourn to Kentucky to see all of my relatives.

Sorry to disappoint, but very fortunately my sister was able to fly with me this year, making the trip fairly smooth and lacking in comic material. I consider this a fair trade as I get to retain a few more weeks of my life, and possibly a longer run with brown hair.

Everything went very well in general, actually.

By the end of the trip Payne was pooped:

On the way home he took a break from studying the in flight safety manual to introduce himself to the lady across the aisle:

She was charmed, naturally.

He also found the ground transportation options at the airport perfectly sufficient:

Who needs a moving sidewalk when you’ve got rolling luggage and an able bodied Uncle?

I introduce you to,

The girl:

and the legend:

(the booty legend!)
I’ve been wanting to find a way to write a tasteful post about this for awhile, and honestly, there’s no way to do it. Being myself, I decided that the awesomeness must be shared regardless of how many silly little social conventions must be trampled on in the process. Sorry Genevieve!
Homegirl has an enormous butt. It’s hilarious and adorable. I find it so amusing that I will sort of chase guests in our home around with my naked baby right before her bath so they can see it. I texted a photo of it to my Grandmother. I’m fairly certain that I’m treating this situation all sorts of wrong, but I can’t stop. I’m addicted to showing my baby’s butt to people.
It’s especially shocking because Payne pretty much has nothing going on back there. We used to call him “frog butt” when he was a baby. He just sort of tapered down from his shoulders to nothing.

So yeah. Maybe Genevieve’s booty is far more normal than I think, but by comparison its pretty impressive.
When she’s standing she’s got cellulite from hip to ankle. It’s glorious.
I often think she’s got a full diaper, check her, and realize the only thing making her diaper look puffy is her butt.
Patterned leggings are not her friends.
I still firmly believe that her sizeable base is the reason she started sitting up early-ish.
Ok, I’m going to stop now.

The poor kitty applique is woefully insufficient.

Ok. OKAY! I’m done.