Now that Genevieve is two

Yup, two.


I feel like we need a quick synopsis of her likes and dislikes.

What she thinks of the Peter Rabbit cartoon:

“Seeeeeee bunnyyyyyyyyy!!!”

What she thinks of vegetables:


And, what she thinks of her brother:



They are the best.

I am so lucky.


Someone is getting sassy.

(Exhibit A is “Blue Steel” up there)

Exhibit B: This morning she walked into the bedroom, told me “I nee mahw. Dee up.”, then began tugging my covers back.

Translation: “I need milk. Get up. (Yanks covers off and utilizes a bullhorn).”

Little drill sergeant…

More fruits of indoctrination.

Payne is coming along quite nicely with his religious education!

This afternoon he found a prayer book on the kitchen counter and walked Genevieve through the basics:

“This is Jesus, see? This is Jesus’ book. All of these pictures are Jesus. Here is Jesus’ Mommy!”


However, we’re still a little fuzzy on the details.

Last week in church he asked me to pick him up, then complained he couldn’t “see God”.

Confused, I pointed at the crucifix, thinking maybe he meant Jesus.

Then he said “No! God! The man with the book!” while pointing at a priest with white hair.

Oops. Heh.

And the moral education has faaaaar to go.


Today he plopped down in the kitchen as illustrated, told me he was “in jaihw” and Genevieve was “duh powiceman”.

I see what you did there, Corporate America.

The OshKosh store at the galleria has a hobbit door next to the regular door:

(Which happens to funnel toddler vision directly towards Build a Bear on exit. Coincidence? I think not.)

Obviously this is a MUST DO on a small child’s list. Every.time. we pass it. And it SLAMS into the wall when they open it and SLAMS closed when they leave. I bet the employees of the store have dreams of dousing that tiny door in gasoline and throwing a match in slow motion.

I feel guilty for the popularity and auditory effect of this door where my children are concerned, so I feel obligated to browse as they abuse it.

And of course, today I happened to find THE CUTEST OVERALLS EVER MADE:



It’s as if Flower Power Super Mario and the Wizard of Oz had a biologically impossible love child.




Genevieve joined her brother as a founding member of The Lord of the Flies Beach Club today.


All of those near and dear to me, please avoid naming any of your precious sons “Simon”.