Happy Thanksgiving!

This morning we were refreshing Payne in his preschool Thanksgiving lesson. We explained that the Pilgrims came here on a boat (“The Mayflower!” He piped in) and had a hard time living here, so the Indians helped them learn.

“Yeah” he said, “Cuz they didn’t have Home Depot”.

Best early American history synopsis ever.

And last night, G was not thankful for the two green beans she was asked to chew and swallow.

Not thankful at all, especially while



You guys!

I totally made a baby Kong.

(For those without dogs, a Kong is a toy you put food in and it’s sort of trapped, so getting it out occupies the dog for awhile).


– spend 50 cents on Skittles at the mall.

– place Skittles in coat pocket of 1-3 year old.

– enjoy the industrious silence and slow pace of said 1-3 year old.





(fist pump)

My boy turned five yesterday.


I cannot believe it. I still expect him to look like this:


He’s such a big guy now.

Payne loves to help his daddy with anything “bihwding” related:

I had to let him stay up late to watch the dishwasher get replaced.

The dogs can trust him now.


He can follow complex instructions and has dropped naps….almost completely.


He looks WAY TOO OLD in his cowboy boots. Not allowed.


I love him so much.

I love him enough that I overpaid for birthday minion donuts for his class.

His face did this when he saw them:


They were pretty awesome.


G didn’t know where to start on hers:


But she managed to push through the confusion:


I am so lucky to have a healthy, happy five year old boy. Happy birthday Payne!

I have stumbled upon the best tights ever.



And then she did this in Target and made them even better.

I really hope that link works because she pretty much made my day.

Kids are fun, man.

I’m gonna have a bday post for Payne tomorrow! Prepare yourselves for the awesomeness of my boy. ;)

I win at parenting.

Every time we pull into the Costco parking lot, G now yells “PIZZAAAAAA!” and claps.

Then she does a little happy dance once we get out of the car.

Then she rides in the cart during our shopping while pointing at the hot food counter and yelling “D’ere is! D’ere pizza!”.

And then, oh happy moment! We check out and I and buy our $3 lunch.

It could be worse. She could be obsessed with caviar…


What do you do,

when a giant box magically appears in the kitchen while you’re at school?

(It’s a new dishwasher, FYI.)

1) You punch it for awhile.

2) You quickly cast about for a step, and then climb on top of it.


3) You rip all of the bubble wrap off of it, lay it out in the hallway, and gleefully stomp on it like a dinosaur.

Well, now it seems so obvious…

The weekend.

Payne had a birthday party (a week early).

He very specifically requested “uh ehwphunt cake”.

And by Jobe, Dan made him one (with a little icing smoothing help from Grandmom).



He wanted to know where the rest of it was.

You ask too much, tiny despot!

Then on Sunday we went and took annual family photos.



I love them.