One last photo share for 2013!

G favorite Christmas gift:


We all seriously had to hide our candy so she would open an actual gift.

Photographic proof that I will buy any cute baby clothes I see in a store, no matter how nonsensical the timing:

She LOVED it. I earned a silent screaming purple faced tantrum by taking it off and making her put on real clothes.

Payne played through nap time today.

That worked out really well for him.

My baby boyyyyy. (Sniffle)


I think we need our own holiday edition of awkward family photos.

Payne as a camel in his preschool play:

Is he….vogueing?

Keep the force in Christmas!


Ethel was collateral baking damage:


“Thanks for the bow!”

“I’ll give you a 5 second head start.”


And finally:

“I’ve got my shooting dress on. Who wants to go to the range?”

– It’s a beebee gun.

– It was unloaded.

– The beer in the foreground wasn’t mine.

– I blame it all on the dress with a recoil pad. Obviously Ralph Lauren’s fault, not mine! I am the victim of the hilariously adorable dress.

Please don’t call the authorities.

Merry Christmas!

Payne is feeling the holiday spirit!


I love this, because it reminds me so much of this photo:


Payne is the picture of exasperation and forbearance. Quick, somebody saint him.

“I see you when you’re sleeping.”



Actually Genevieve was all about Santa and he was awesome and talked with both kids and even let G poke his glasses. As soon as we asked her to sit on his lap, though. Nope.

I’m going to be sad when Santa pictures actually go well someday.

Nothing will beat last year’s photo!


More 2 year old conversation.

– G saw Payne’s hair in the bath:

She yelled “You wike a dinosaur! Waaaaaahr!”

-She keeps walking up to me and announcing “I gary. Waaaaaaahr!”

Why have you been roaring at my kid Gary? Geez.

-I asked her what was on her dress:

She yelled “eyeballs!”.

Also, I can check “put my daughter in something with a tail” off of my lifetime to do list. Boy clothes with tails were easier to find!

I love them.