A bed time conversation.

(Kids run into family room after bath. See Dan with his dessert. I shoot eye daggers at Dan for kid bedtime ice cream display.)

Payne: “Daddy, are you eating ice cream?!”.

Dan: “yep”

Payne: “Why?”

Dan: “Because Daddy had a long day.”

Payne: “I had a wong day! Can I have some?”

Dan: “Oh really? Did you get to play outside?”

Payne: “yep”

Dan: “Well I didn’t.”

Payne: “But I got SO TIRED and I played, and I need some ice cream!”

Genevieve: “I had a looooooong day Daddy. Whew! I need some ICE CREEEEAAAAM!”


Sibling “love”.

They play together pretty regularly now, which is amaaaazing.

First G was a “queen”


Then they were “tacos”


Then they spent 20 minutes whispering and running from place to place while hiding from the “cheese spider”.

Wait, what? Heh heh.

Annnnd then G threw a Tupperware cup at the back of Payne’s head. She has good aim.

I was lecturing her in her time out spot while rubbing Payne’s head. I hit my closing arguments, and Payne very sagely piped in from his spot at my side, with “God is very sad”.

Well dang… I don’t think I can top that.

Happy Easter Everyone!



It lasted until church. After a particularly energetic number from the choir, G announced loudly and clearly during that 2 seconds of complete silence following a song, “Mommy, I hate dat noise.”.

I actually witnessed the speed of sound, via the visible but silent laughter that radiated out in all directions from the epicenter of my humiliation.

It’s a good day.

Remember the bubbles?


Totally worth the judgement of my husband…..and possibly the populace in general. Ha!

Also, G told me this sticker:

Is a “mommy dragon that eats flowers”.

She also told me “I gonna cut you in haff wiff dis knife paper”.

And then they love each other:


I’d say that’s a solid 80% sunshine and puppies day.

I love these kids.


Payne “helped” Dan work on his car yesterday, and now wants “a toy jack from Santa.”

And Genevieve did the big brother adoration thing again:



You don’t catch up on the latest episodes of Bubble Guppies like this?


Your loss, man.

Also, Payne informed me that the bunny hopping he did at his preschool concert wasn’t dancing.

It was “movement-ing”.

Well, of course.

Of course.