Nature or Nurture, part two.

“G, what’s your favorite color?”

G: “Pink!”

“What’s your favorite animal?”

G: “Ummmm horses, like unicorns!”

Dan and I looked at each other and freaked. Where did she ever learn about UNICORNS? We laughed and decided it’s like boys and violence; one 30 snippet of Kung Fu and Payne is flinging pretend weapons around the house. Genevieve must have caught a glimpse of glitter and fancy and committed it all to memory instantly.

While we were discussing this, G was yelling from the back seat “Calm down GUYS! I’m trying to learn you about UNICORNS.”

Payne’s helpful tid bit was that unicorns have things like ice cream cones on their heads.



I love this boy.


I’m showing you this photo because I decided a photo of what truly cracked me up last night might be inappropriate…

The outdoor toys were inside yesterday evening, because the exterior of the house was being painted.

Picture Payne in nothing but a pair of minion print underwear, with a little stick/missile from some unknown toy tucked into the corner of his mouth as if it were a toothpick and he was an old man, nonchalantly scootering laps around the house.