Payne had a little birthday party for his school friends yesterday.

I ordered him a grocery store cake a couple of weeks ago.

Last weekend, he swan dove off of a skateboard and did this to himself:


We had to go to the dentist (his teeth are fine), get his glasses fixed, it was quite the tumble.

He’s much improved now:


Yesterday, I picked up his cake:


And then I had a giggle fit in Costco.

So this happened.

I was pulling some bloomers onto G this morning and said “There. Now you won’t be flashing your panties all over church.”

She was quiet for a bit.

Then she said “Mommy, panties don’t have flash lights.”

I was all “No they don’t.” and thought “what the eff” to myself.

Then she piped up “If there are no flashlights in my panties, how can I flash my panties all over church?!”

And then I died….on the church steps.