Daddy. (Volume 2)


Also a fort.


I love them.

Last night, Payne made me this. He said it was “A trophy for being the best Mommy in the world.” And carefully placed it on my dresser.

I’m glad I took a photo because Genevieve promptly hulk smashed it.

G cracked me up today on a couple of levels. She loves her a ruffle, and told me “This one has twirl!”


She does love to twirl…



And at the mall playground today, Genevieve ran out of a rubberized castle to me and said “It is INTENSE in there.”

Haaaa ha ha!

Almost one year since my diagnosis.

(I’ve never been particularly afflicted with modesty. Sorry mom!)

I didn’t talk about my diagnosis and treatment of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma on here, because A) most of you knew anyway, and B) It was not and is not the sum of my life or identity. But now I’m feeling kind of proud of what I did. I want these photos somewhere, so I can look back on them and remember that I did it once, and I can do it again if I need to someday.

The first one is me all taped up for radiation machine calibration. Radiation came after chemo.

My PET scan image. Pretty self explanatory. The malignant spots were in the left side of my neck and chest.


This one is how Dan secured a wet rag and heating pad to my arm when I was in a lot of pain from chemo irritating my veins.


The thinnest my hair ever got. I was VERY lucky and didn’t go totally bald. It was cool, because you could see the chemo “events” on strands of my hair. A little thin spot for every dose.



Being fitted for my radiation equipment. The mask holds you perfectly still for the machine, which travels over your body with a sort of “lens” that changes shape with the angle it takes over your body in order to hit only the diseased field. Very cool.


My neck mapped out on the first day of radiation. It reminded me of Africa. Ha.


Now I’m going to delete these photos off of my phone. Historically noted and dismissed. :)