Soooo I haven’t written on here in months.

But…today Genevieve was trying to get Payne’s attention in the car and it went something like “Payne….PAYNE…PAYNE KAFFRIN!”.

It was then that we realized G is under the impression that her middle name isn’t a name at all, but a word that means “You in trouble, child”.




Comic gold from my children.

– Genevieve: (Rummaging around floor of car. Holds up wrapped cigar) “Look! I found one of Daddy’smoke bars!”

– Genevieve: (To a good male friend who often wears kilts) “Why are you wearing a tutu?”

– Genevieve: “Why can’t Pop Pop eat macaroni?”

    Payne: (while looking down at his dinner and with the cool tone that only accompanies complete certainty) “He has the diarrhea.”

OMG. Diabetes. He has DIABETES.

Recent Genevieve one liners.

-Last night after getting out of the tub and standing in the chilly bathroom: “Hey! My fur is standing up! Get down fur.” (Swats at goosebumps on arms).

-Last night while trying to get Dan and I to come back into her room after bed time: “I’m having a bad dream!”

– I just heard her start to wake up for the day. The first sounds out of her mouth were whimpers, followed by “I want chocolate cooookiiieeees!”  

She’s a trip.

It’s starting.

They’re getting smarter than me.

“Look Payne! I got you a shirt with a pirate ship!”

“Uh Mommy? That’s a Viking ship.”

And so it is. Huh.

Also, G told us the moon has “an unusual portrait”. I was all kinds of confused until I realized she meant the man in the moon.

And then there was earlier this week when she told her classmates that if they killed the gym teacher, the class wouldn’t have to do what the gym teacher said anymore….

Practical, but a touch socially removed?

I don’t know whether to laugh or install an exterior lock on her bedroom door.


I can post photos again!

I’ll just dump our fall shenanigans here.

She had an Anna costume ready to go and insisted on wearing her old Elsa costume to the school fall festival. At least her hair is long enough for “The Elsa” now!

“Mom! Language!”

^nerd joke. Heh.